For Fund Advisors

Through a Donor or Committee Advised fund, you can support the towns, schools or nonprofits you care most about in Southeastern Massachusetts and elsewhere.

An Advised Fund at the Community Foundation allows you to play an active role in your philanthropy, and easily manage your giving without the hassles of running a private foundation. The Community Foundation handles all the investment, administrative and grantmaking work, while you maintain your role in choosing the recipients of your grants. While you can continue in areas of grantmaking that interest you, the Community Foundation can also keep you informed of emerging community needs.

Presently the Community Foundation manages more than 50 committee advised and donor advised funds. Anyone interested in establishing an Advised Fund at the Community Foundation should contact President John Vasconcellos, 508-996-8253 ext. 201.

Read more about starting a Donor Advised Fund with us.

See our current Fee Schedule for all types of funds.


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