Establishing a Fund

The Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity with deep roots in the local community. We are also a community leader, convening agencies and resources to improve the quality of life in Southeastern Massachusetts. Establishing a Fund has the following advantages:

  • Tax Advantages: The Community Foundation is classified at a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that all gifts qualify for the maximum tax advantage in accordance with state and federal law.
  • Flexibility: Donors and their families may design and name the charitable fund they wish to establish and recommend specific distributions from it. Funds are designed to accomplish the objectives of the individual, family, corporate, or organizational donors. The Community Foundation works closely with a donor's personal legal and tax advisors to establish funds within the foundation as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Low-cost: The Community Foundation is a low-cost alternative to family or private foundations, and funds enjoy the advantage of minimal administrative, investment and service fees because of the economies of scale gained by being part of our portfolio.
  • Gift Choice: The Community Foundation can accept many kinds of gifts including cash, publicly traded securities, real estate, life insurance and other recognized forms of giving such as lead trusts, life income trusts, and group memorial funds. We also accept deferred gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and bequests. 
  •  Investment Management: Your funds get the benefit of some of the best professional investment managers with continued oversight by the Foundation's staff, the Board's Investment Committee, and the Board of Directors. We multiply the impact of your gift dollars by pooling them for investment purposes, allowing more efficient investment and greater protection against fluctuations than if the funds were invested separately
  • Recognition of confidentiality: Donors can elect to remain anonymous.
  • Permanence: Donors who endow funds enjoy knowing that their gift will benefit the community forever and help create a personal legacy.

Types of Funds

The Community Foundation manages many different types of funds, including Donor and Committee Advised Funds, Designated Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Organizational Endowment Funds and Scholarship Funds. Donors can also contribute to the Endowment for Southeastern Massachusetts, allowing them to rely on the Foundation’s grantmaking expertise to distribute funds according to the community’s pressing and ever-changing needs. For more detailed fund descriptions, click here. For a list of funds held by the Community Foundation, click here.  To review our current fund fee schedule, click here.

Planned Giving Options

There are a number of ways you can leave a meaningful and lasting legacy in your community. These include preparing a will; leaving a gift in your will for a local charitable organization that made a difference in your life; or making your favorite charity the beneficiary of your IRA, pension plan, or life insurance policy.

The Community Foundation also offers many options for those who want to leave a meaningful legacy, without risking their personal security and still receiving the full tax benefits of their contributions.  Some options make it possible for you to create an income source during your lifetime. For more details on Planned Giving Options