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Please consider your gift today to the Annual Fund for the South Coast, as an investment of your love for our communities. We need your help to be the effective matchmaker that our community needs. We have a pulse on what is happening in our communities, the expertise to find the perfect match, and the vision of what type of impact such a relationship can have.

Our communities deserve to be more prosperous, more inclusive, more creative, better educated, safer, smarter and more loving.  Our work – every day, all year long – strives toward that vision.

We believe in our communities and we appreciate your partnership in this - it’s a match made with love.


We're Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary!

 See here for more information about the event. For all sponsorship or other inquiries, please contact our Development Manager, Tricia Grime


The Southcoast Emergency Response Fund has been established by the Community Foundation in partnership with other regional funders, to rapidly attract and deploy resources to organizations in our region that are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This Fund will prioritize those areas of impact that will not likely receive governmental support, are most severely affected, and those serving our most vulnerable neighbors. Please consider a gift, in any amount, to the Fund.

Please visit our About Page for COVID-19 News, Updated Resources, and to learn more about our SouthCoast Emergency Response Fund.

We are open remotely for business

As your Community Foundation, we are doing all that we can to take precautions and contribute to preparedness and response efforts related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). During these challenging times, the Community Foundation’s work is as critical as ever.

In order to guarantee our effectiveness and encourage smart public health practice, we have shifted our operations to an all-remote work model. We are still available by phone (508-996-8253) and for email contact please visit our Contact tab on our website. We look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe.