Board and Officers

Board Chair Edward SiegalA Message from our Chair, Edward G. Siegal, CPA


Dear Friends,

As Chair of the Community Foundation, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as leader of this organization for the next two years.  With the implementation last year of our three-year strategic plan, we are poised to build on the growth we have achieved. 

Our Community Foundation is unique in the value it brings to this region. In addition to the millions of dollars we have provided in grants and scholarships, our leadership role and sponsorship of countless funds and initiatives has added value to the communities we serve.

Our sponsorship of arts and cultural programs such as AHA!, New Bedford Folk Festival and Open Studios ensure that the vast majority of funds generated and contributed to support those programs go directly to programming with very little needed to support administrative overhead. The Community Foundations serves as fiscal sponsor for over 30 organizations, and in doing so saves the region thousands of dollars in administrative expenses that would be incurred if each of these organizations were a corporation. 

Our knowledge of community resources and of the non-profit community are assets that are available to the families and individuals who have funds at the Community Foundation.  One example is that we coordinated $25,000 in grants from advised funds to Teach for America, which in turn leveraged a matching gift from a national donor. This led to $50,000 in new resources that enabled Teach for America to place additional teachers in the Fall River and New Bedford public schools.  These kinds of activities are what we are doing on a daily basis.

Our focus on education has resulted in a multi-pronged strategy, which supports expanding early literacy programs, the creation of educational foundations to support public schools, advocacy programs to increase educational attainment, support of STEM programs, adult education as well as scholarships for students to pursue higher education.

Moving forward, we need to continue to build on our asset base and encourage new organizations, individuals and families to invest in our region through the Community Foundation.  I look forward to working with the many individuals and groups that will contribute to the growth of the Community Foundation ahead over the next two years.Ed Siegal